Logotype Design

The Mallins resort and spa is a personal project. The goal of this project was to create a modern and classy logotype.


I started off by exploring a few directions. The image labeled (1) below is a modern san serif style with a brush script. During the sketch I focused on making the stroke weight consistent. I also paid close attention to the kerning. The image labeled (2.) is a casual brush script with a mono-weight script.


I decided to go forward with the first direction I explored. I scanned it and placed it in Adobe illustrator using shapes to create each letter precisely. I made adjustments to the beak of the “a” to match that of the “s” and also opened the counter of the “a” for legibility. I used guides(blue lines) during the vectoring process to ensure the letters sit on the same baseline and also for consistency across the board.

Color Palette

The Color of choice was dark blue and gold.

Final Logo

The result is a logo that looks unique and classy.